Martin Rodriguez sits down with Kate Blakely, an early-career missiologist currently living in Moldova. They discuss her experiences studying and teaching missiology, why the field matters, and her hopes for its future. 

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Currently, Kate Blakely is in a season of rest. After teaching fulltime for several years while finishing most of a doctorate in contextual theology (Northern Seminary, Lombard, IL), she delights in the freedom to allow ideas simmer on "low heat." 

Before moving to Moldova, Kate taught fulltime at Great Lakes Christian College (Lansing, MI) as professor of cross-cultural ministry. She developed courses to champion ...

Martin and Greg talk with Charles Kiser and Elaine Heath, the authors of Trauma-Informed Evangelism: Cultivating Communities of Wounded Healers. They discuss the experiences that gave rise to the book, the meaning of trauma, the authors' understanding of discipleship and evangelism, and what drawing ethical boundaries has to do with traumatizing others.

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Charles Kiser is a pastor and theologian with Storyline Christian Community in Dallas, Texas, a network of missional communities he helped to form. He is passionate about creative expressions of Christian community, contemplative spirituality, and healing spiritual trauma. Kiser has a DMin in Contextual Theology from ...

Martin and Greg reflect on the episode #34 interview with Roger Schroeder. They discuss some of Martin's experiences as a missionary kid, the question "Is teaching mission?," the complexities of relating to cultural others, what the mysterious "sex soup" mentioned in the interview represents, and the importance of the prophetic dialogue model.

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Martin Rodriguez is an assistant professor in the Department of Practical Theology at Azusa Pacific University. He holds a PhD in intercultural studies from Fuller Theological. His dissertation focuses on missiology at the intersection of postcolonial hybridity theory and late-modern leadership theory. Since 2011, he has served as Family ...

Martin Rodriguez sits down with Roger Schroeder, professor of intercultural studies and ministry at Catholic Theological Union. Schroeder reflects on his experiences in mission, identifies his contributions to missiology, and shares his hopes for its future.

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Roger Schroeder, professor of intercultural studies and ministry at Catholic Theological Union, has been committed to research, teaching, writing, mentoring, and practice in the area of mission and intercultural ministry from the perspectives of post-Vatican II developments, most recently under the inspiration of Pope Francis. He published a revised and expanded edition of his book What is the Mission of the Church? A ...

Martin and Greg reflect on the episode #32 interview with Miriam Adeney. They discuss the importance and difficulty of increasing female representation in missiology. Then they break down Dr. Adeney's seven hopes for the future of the field. Along they way, they ponder what counts as tangential matters for missiology, the need for Christians to stay home and learn a neighbor's language instead of doing short-term missions, and the relevance of Dr. Adeney's comments about the relationship between global and local for the controversy over country musician Jason Aldean's "Try That in a Small Town." 

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Martin ...

Martin Rodriguez sits down with Miriam Adeney, anthropologist and professor emerita of world Christian studies at Seattle Pacific University. Adeney reflects on her experiences in missiology, identifies her contributions to the field, and shares her hopes for its future.

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Miriam Adeneny, Professor Emerita of World Christian Studies at Seattle Pacific University, is an anthropologist, a missiologist, and an author whose passions include global Christianity, world religions, gender, oral art genres, economic community development, multiethnic ministry, diasporas, training writers for publication, and preparing workers for cross-cultural living.

She serves on the board of Christianity Today International, is a mission associate of ...

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