#24 – Gailyn Van Rheenen

Martin Rodriguez sits down with Gailyn Van Rheenen, the founder of missiology.com, to discuss his experiences with missiology. Van Rheenen shares about his years as a missionary in Africa, the founding of Mission Alive (a North American church-planting organization), and the importance of the missional helix paradigm for the future of missiology. 

Our Guest

Gailyn Van Rheenen served as a church-planting missionary to East Africa for 14 years, taught Missions and Evangelism at Abilene Christian University for 18 years, and is the founder and currently a facilitator of church planting and renewal within Mission Alive (www.missionalive.org).

The second edition of his book Missions: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Strategies was published by Zondervan/Harper Collins in 2014. Other publications include Communicating Christ in Animistic Contexts (William Carey Library) and The Changing Face of World Missions (Baker Academic; authored with Michael Pocock and Doug McConnell).

Van Rheenen was the original owner of  .com , where he published many articles, and he remains a generous patron of the site.

Publications Mentioned

  • Gailyn Van Rheenen and Anthony Parker, Missions: Biblical Foundations and Contemporary Strategies, 2nd ed. (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 2014).


Hosted by Martin Rodriguez

Produced by Greg McKinzie