The 2022 Missiology Lectures — Fuller Theological Seminary

Power, Agency, and Women in the Mission of God: A Scholar-Practitioner Conversation

OCTOBER 26–28, 2022

The 2022 Missiology Lectures–a completely virtual event–will facilitate a global conversation between scholars, practitioners, and scholar-practitioners from a variety of social and cultural locations to explore the topic “Power, Agency, and Women in the Mission of God.”  

The role, status, and experience of women in the church and in the world represent a fundamental missiological issue of our day. These lectures center the conversation on naming the resources women bring to addressing personal, organizational, and social structure, as well as spiritual powers. The conference theme will be explored by scholars and practitioners from a variety of disciplines including missiology, theology, psychology, marriage and family therapy, sociology, history, and biblical studies.

Through lectures, panel discussions, and breakout groups, conference participants will have the opportunity to reflect on the ways women may dismantle barriers and enact their personal and collective agency to engage social, cultural, organizational, and spiritual power for the sake of the outworking of God’s shalom in their communities and contexts. These virtual lectures, with a node in Ghana, will equip the church to faithfully respond to God’s invitation to women to participate in God’s work in the world.

Registration for this event will open on Wednesday, September 28. Visit in the meantime to view the schedule and learn more about our presenters.