Missiology Podcast S2E1: With Charles and Marguerite Kraft


In the first episode of season 2, host Martin Rodriguez sits down with Charles (Chuck) Kraft, Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication at Fuller Theological Seminary, and his wife Marguerite (Meg) Kraft, Professor Emerita of Intercultural Studies at Biola University, to discuss their experiences with missiology.

Our Guests

Charles H. Kraft is Professor Emeritus of Anthropology and Intercultural Communication in the School of Intercultural Studies at Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, California, and Vice-President of Hearts Set Free Ministries, where he conducts seminars on spiritual warfare, healing, and deliverance.

Marguerite Kraft is Professor Emerita of Intercultural Studies in the Cook School of Intercultural Studies at Biola University in La Mirada, California.

In the 1950s, Charles and Marguerite served as Brethren missionaries in northern Nigeria.

Charles served as a professor of African languages at Michigan State University and UCLA and joined Fuller's faculty in 1969. In 1973, the Krafts started teaching part-time at Biola. Chuck ultimately remained a full-time faculty member at Fuller, and Meg taught for 31 years at Biola before retiring in 2004.

Charles has authored numerous books, notably Christianity in Culture (Orbis, 1979, rev. ed. 2005), Anthropology for Christian Witness (Orbis, 1996), Culture, Communication, and Christianity (William Carey Library, 2001), Worldview for Christian Witness (William Carey Library, 2008). 

Among Marguerite's publications are Understanding Spiritual Power: A Forgotten Dimension of Cross-Cultural Mission and Ministry (Orbis, 1995) and, as editor, Frontline Women: Negotiating Cross-Cultural Issues in Ministry (William Carey Library, 2003; rev. ed. 2013).

They co-authored the language textbook Introductory Hausa (University of California Press, 1974).

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Hosted by Martin Rodriguez

Produced by Greg McKinzie